CPR and AED's Save Lives

With the recent on-field collapse of Buffalo Bills footbal player, Damar Hamlin, the use of CPR and availability of AED's has become a common topic on the news and in the workplace. AED's, automated external defibrillators, are often located in public places such as airports, sports venues, and schools. While every workplace may not be able to afford AED life-saving equipment, a basic knowledge of CPR and AED equipment can help save lives. 

Many companies are now asking - Should we purchase an AED? Each company should evaluate their budget and employee health needs and determine if an AED kit is right for their workforce, but training with AED equipment is a useful skill. Let's talk about why....

What's the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest? These two events are very different. A heart attack happens when there is a blockage in one of the arteries supplying blood to the heart and causes muscle damage. (You could consider this a plumbing problem.) If you can get a heart attack victim to the hospital in time, you can often clear the blockage with treatments that might include a stent or medication.

Cariac arrest occurs when teh heart malfunctions and is suddenly unable to pump blood to the body. (Think of it as an electrical problem.) Cardiac arrest requires a fast response to restore the heart function and return the heart to a normal rhythm., sometimes via electrical shock. According to the American Heart Association, your chances of surviving a cardiac emergency decreases by 10% every minute without CPR. OSHA reports only 5-7% survival rate if you wait for emergency medical personnel. AED's improve those odds by saving time waiting for EMS. 

AGC highly recommends every employer provide CPR training for their employees. AGC of Western Kentucky's standard CPR training includes instructional use of an AED. Most are easy to use and designed for individuals without extensive medical training, but they are more effective when supplemented with a training class. Please visit our calendar today to join a group CPR class or contact Scott to schedule a course for your company. CPR classes are availabe for members at a reduced rate.