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Technical Center Student of the Week

The Technical Center Student of the Week is an initiative sponsored by the AGC of Western Kentucky to highlight the achievements of students enrolled in technical and trade programs of Ballard County Career and Technical Center, Marshall County Technical Center,  Paducah ATC, Fulton County ATC, Mayfield-Graves County ATC, Murray-Calloway County ATC and Caldwell County ATC. 


Each week, a vocational student from one of the seven tech centers in the region will be selected as Student of the Week.  Most of these students will be ready to join the workforce in the coming months and have been chosen by their instructors as having qualities that make them outstanding. 



The Paducah Sun has an ad featuring the sponsors for the week.  We are still in need of sponsorship, so please contact Joel Crider at 270/727-0770 if you would like to help with this effort. (See sponsorship schedule below)  Feedback on this program is welcomed, so let us know what you think.


1 Week = $150

4 Weeks = $500

10 Weeks = $1,000

18 Weeks = $1,620

29 Weeks = $2,500 (check for pricing for remaining months)


View Tech Student of the Week and Sponsors here.